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        Kazmi Hong Kong Distributor

        Outdoor Star Magazine

        • June 30, 2023 South Ninepin Island 南果洲
          South Ninepin Island 南果洲 "Wherever you watch the sunset, the sun goes down the same way. But many find it beautiful at their location perhaps of the people they were with or nice things that happened on that day. It’s a feeling of great... Continue reading
        • May 19, 2023 Waglan Island 橫欄島
          Waglan Island 橫欄島 "If the Bermuda Triangle is the curse of North Atlantic Ocean, Hong Kong's Waglan Island is the curse of the Pacific Ocean. How many ships perished in the sea and how many lives were saved by the lighthouse on the... Continue reading
        • February 27, 2023 Lui Ta Shek 雷打石
          Lui Ta Shek 雷打石 "I never go barefoot in the city because I am afraid of dirt and insects, but when I set foot on nature, I couldn't wait to take my shoes off to feel the grass even if there is dried cow... Continue reading
        • September 07, 2022 So Lo Pun 鎖羅盤
          So Lo Pun 鎖羅盤 "There are rumours that the inhabitants of this place disappeared overnight. I was alone on the day I visited. When I stepped in front of their homes, my head hurt but my heart hurt even more."  「有傳這個地方居民一夜消失,到訪當天我獨自一人,當我踏進它們的家門前,頭很痛,心更痛。」   There is... Continue reading