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SKU BM-350

Belmont Titanium All In One Dripper & Cooker set



  • A set that allows you to stack the dripper and mug in the cooker.
  • The dripper can be stored compactly by removing it as an assembly type.
  • The handle of the double-walled mug is 350ml and can be folded.
  • The spout of the cooker is thin and the amount of hot water suitable for dripping comes out.
  • Use conical coffee paper filters.
  • Dripper mugs can be stacked inside the cooker. It can be stored compactly.
  • Made in Japan

Technical Specs:

  • Material: Cooker, Mug, Dripper: Titanium, Dripper Stand - Aluminum, Handle - Stainless Steel
  • Size: Cooker - Outer Diameter 106mm (Inner Diameter 96) x 103mm (Capacity 730ml) with memory, Mug Cup - Outer Diameter 80mm, Dripper Stand - Outer Diameter 94mm
  • Weight: 285g