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SKU K20T3K002

Kazmi Premium STS Tableware Family



  • Made of stainless 304 material, it is a family tableware set with excellent internality, rust, adrenal and acid resistance, luxurious and modern design, and practical in various sizes.

Technical Specs:

  • Weight: 3.7kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304, Polyester
  • Size: Sauce Bowl 90 x 60x (h)30 mm, Rice Bowl 125 x 70 x (h)55mm, Soup Bowl 160 x 100 x (h)50mm, Dinner Plate 210 x 135 x (h)25mm, Dinner Plate 225 x 16 (h) 15mm, Double Ear Disc 225 x 165 x (h)40mm (Without Handle) 20 x 165 x (h)65mm (With Handle), Storage Bag 31 x 25 x (h)9cm
  • Contents: Sauce Bowl x4, Rice Bowl x4, Soup Bowl x4, Dinner Plate 21cm x3, Dinner Plate 22.5cm x 2, Binaural Disc x1, Storage Bag x1