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Snowline Stealth Slim Stick 110



  • Easy folding by pushing a button
  • Fixed one button type folding stick
  • How to fold: Push the button of the top to release the fastening device
  • How to store: Clean it after use. Wind with the velcro string to store safety and keep it at a dry place.

Technical Specs:

  • Do Not Apply Excessive Load or Force
  • Don't Use Them For Purposes Other Than A Hiking Stick
  • Ensure The Stick Locking Systems Is Fixed When In Use
  • Be Careful Of Lightning Accidents During A Storm
  • Stick Can Be Bent or Damaged If Caught Iin A Rock
  • Always Insert The Cap When Storing In Your Backpack
  • Material: Duralumin 7001
  • Weight: 160g
  • Length: Unfolded 110cm
  • Construction: Stick 1EA