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Snowline Cube Burner Plate



  • Provide a high durability, made of qualified aluminum which is good for permanent use for strong for corrosion and distortions
  • Compact with convenience: For being compact size, easier and comfortable storage, light material applied, can be combined with M3, M6 together
  • It perfectly fits for the back of the plate which can be fixed when HOSE Burner used with, it provides safe and strongly support the gas cylinder for wide variety of fuel gas
  • Setting up the fire in easy steps with lightness within 150g, highly transportable without any danger of material
  • Made in Korea

Technical Specs:

  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Content: Top Plate
  • Size: 350(W) x 125(L) x 9(H) mm
  • Weight Capacity: Max 15kg
  • Weight: 150g